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Good-bye, 2013, you were such a piece of shit.

Now that there's only a few days left in the year, I would like to declare my hatred for 2013. This year sucked hard. Here are some highlights, or lowlights, rather:

— I was unemployed for seven (7) months between December 2012 and July 2013. The only thing worse than being unemployed is being unemployed in a small town with a nonexistent job market. I was eligible for unemployment benefits, but that doesn't mean I was able to afford much more than food and gas (more on that in a bit).


— I spent most of January trying to convince the U.S. Department of Education to rehab my defaulted student loan. It was a complete and utter headache, and there was a lot of stress-crying on my part.

— My girlfriend and I were supposed to go to Anime Central in Chicago this year, but my girlfriend lost her wallet EN ROUTE to Chicago and we had to turn around immediately. We had made plans to go to ACEN before I was unemployed, and I still wanted to attend, so I spent the spring scrimping and saving what little money I could for the trip. When my girlfriend lost her wallet, there was no way I could have paid for both of us, and she had no idea when she'd be able to pay me back, so that's why we turned around. My girlfriend is constantly losing or misplacing her belongings, but of all the things to lose right then ... I've never been more furious in my life.

— One of my best friends from college got married this fall, and I had to skip out on the wedding because — you guessed it — I couldn't afford to go. My friend was super understanding when I told her why I couldn't come, but I desperately wanted to see her, and I was wracked with guilt for quite a while. The most depressing part is I probably could have gone to the wedding if it had only been a month later, but it wasn't, so I was out of luck.

— Speaking of guilt, one of my uncles died a few months ago, and for various reasons I couldn't really go home to see my mother (this uncle was her favorite BIL), attend the funeral, and just be there for family. I hadn't seen my uncle in years, so I tried to act like I didn't care about being home, but the day of his funeral was probably one of the worst for me this year, emotionally-speaking.


— I still live in this backwards ass Missouri town. This was supposed to be the year I left. As I've mentioned before, I came here for college in 2006, and except for a 6-month period in 2011, I've been here ever since. All but one of my college friends has gone and moved away. I am terribly lonely, and I feel extremely disconnected from everyone.

— As some of you already know, for the past few months I've been having some serious doubts about my relationship with my girlfriend. I would be EXTREMELY surprised if we were still together this time next year.


I can only think of two good things that happened this year: when I finally got a job, it was probably the best possible local job I could have. I work for the local TV station now, and I'm actually more or less finally using my degree in communication. Not only that, but at last I have a job that is desirable in other places and my best ticket out of this hellhole. The only other good thing that happened is Pacific Rim. I know that's a lot to attribute to a movie, but PR/being in the PR fandom has brought me quite a bit of happiness, and if it hadn't been for the film, I wouldn't have connected to a few of my favorites here on GT.

Next year is already looking better than 2013. My birthday is less than two months away (I love birthdays ^_^), and I am in the process of planning a trip to Chicago in early February to visit my new BFF Croguesberg and hopefully meet up with a college friend or two. I also intend to make to make 2014 the year I leave this town. I told myself that last year, but now that I really have no friends here, I.have.to.leave. within the next year. I am determined like I never have been before.


If you also had a shitty 2013, let it all out here. It will feel good to vent.

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