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Good Bye, San Francisco

I've been vocal about this on Vallywag, but my house was currently appraised because the person on the lease is moving to South America. The landlord decided to raise my rent by $1000 because my Mission neighborhood is prime for young and rich tech workers, so I'm going to have to move. When I first moved to the Mission ten years ago, my rent was $350. Today, two blocks away, its $1400.

I'm really sad because I feel SF is part of who I am. I became a man here. I've fallen in love here. I've gotten in fist fights here.

I love this city and its history. I feel like I'm part of it... but also part of it is being priced out and moving to Oakland. I'm not too mad about getting displaced, I represent the first wave of white gentrifiers (poor white artists making the cheap neighborhood cool), but it still sucks to have to move, and away from the city I love.


And now I'm going to repeat the cycle in Oakland. Already all the cool kids live out here, and smart money is buying up stuff in East Oakland. Maybe I buy a house (im sick of dumping money down the rent hole), but I'm not sure how the neighborhood would take me. I get a visceral negative feeling when I see someone with Glass in my neighborhood, because they represents the people forcing me out of the Mission. Would people see me the same way being white, essentially representing the same thing in my new neighborhood? I dunno.

I fucking hate all of this. I'm trying not to be bitter but its really hard.

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