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Good bye, weekend.

Friday I realized that I actually kept a resolution from last year. I wanted to keep up with my blood donations. I'm O negative and I just keep making the stuff. The last time I donated, I gave double reds. I intended to do it again because they can be used immediately and that's just cool. Instead, I found out I wasn't eligible because I have given so much in the last 12 months. I was able to donate whole blood.

Saturday, I took the kiddos to see the Desolation of Smaug. I will agree with the other ladies on Group Think that Smaug's voice... umm... affected me. That movie was really long. Afterwards, my kids dragged me to Gamestop where they both spent their Christmas money (the theater was in the mall). We headed home and were just in time to say good bye to my husband as he went to work.

I then got to see Joss Whedon's version of Much Ado About Nothing. Santa brought it for me. I love Nathan Fillian, but I'm not sure his Dogberry was as good as Michael Keeton's Dogberry. I had to look forever to find an "I am an ass" gif.


Today, I went shopping, mostly for groceries. I shouldn't be allowed in an office store by myself. I find too many things. I found a small hole punch that clips in a binder so that, when teachers pass out important papers, my daughter can punch holes and put them in the binder so that they don't get lost. When I gave it to her, she did a happy dance.

I spent my Christmas money on a new vacuum sealer. Mine died. I found a Food Saver for $50 at Costco. I remember when I used to spend extra money on music and illicit substances; now I buy work clothes and small appliances. Yay, adulting!

I talked to my bestie today. We've texted, but I think she was avoiding talking because she was going to try to work it out again with her husband. I would have done my best not to be judgey, but she wasn't even giving me a chance. I let him stay in my house and was nice even after I knew he had beaten her up. She finally convinced her husband to move out. They were fighting today and she said she told him to fuck off and left the room. The three year old then marched up to him, kicked him in the shin, and yelled, "Fuck you, Daddy!" It sounded like he finally realized that forcing her to live with him in dysfunction might not be the best. Evidently, Michigan is like the worst place ever to be in an abusive relationship. If you get beat up, the police will take both parties to jail and give the kids to CPS. If you run with your kids to a woman's shelter, your husband can have you arrested for kidnapping. You also can't force someone that you are trying to separate from out of your house. Also, as soon as you file for divorce, a government agency jumps in and controls everything that happens with your kids. If you divorce and have kids in MI you will probably never be able to get out of state (or so I've been told). It looks like they are going on the road, so hopefully she can establish residency somewhere else soon.


Now I'm cooking navy beans. (Sorry, I don't do black eyed peas.) My Dad made some last week, and they were really good. I'm going to split it into 3 day packets to freeze and take them to work. They are low fat, healthy, and very tasty. I threw in 5 ounces of ham, a carton of chicken broth, and I'm caramelizing some onions to add. They will cook over night. When I eat them, I like to throw in some pico and a little cheese, because I'm from Texas and that's how I roll.

Now I have to figure out how I am going to work 8 hours each of the next two days and find some gluten free mochi. I go with the New Years traditions from the Japanese side of my family: mochi, egg rolls, and lots of sticky rice.

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