The weather is gorgeous and I took care of myself by eating a healthy breakfast and packing my lunch. I've spent my time between classes joking around with friends via text and making plans for fun activities to do together in the next two weeks. I even reached out on fb to a girl I met a few months ago who I thought seemed super fun, and asked if she wants to hang out sometime. Really excited because I've been wanting more female friends close to my area and she said the same thing!

Not only that, but she was one of the people who offered up a place for me to crash after I have to leave my current temporary living arrangement, and apparently her apartment is walking distance from my college.

I'm meeting my other friend, who has a room she's offering me at her house about a 20 min drive from campus, tonight to eat dinner and talk about potential terms if we decide to move forward.

Guys, I'm feeling the love today, this the most upbeat and happy I've been in several weeks. I hope you're having a great Thursday too!