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After a pretty bad week, today was a really good day. Let me tell you the reasons:

  • I totally nailed the client presentation even though I had a hard time focusing on work
  • I took a long break because my english friend was in town and staying at the hotel down the block so we chatted for a bit in the sunshine
  • Turns out a friend of mine was actually looking for a roommate. And this friend has a very high income. We decided to start looking together!
  • I called my rent-realtor contact to tell him I have a new search-profile now but didn’t catch him. Then he calls back saying he has something right up our alley!
  • We viewed the apartment and although it’s small, it’s also really neat and in a great neighbourhood! We’re sending along the documents tomorrow and hopefully sign the contract and get the key on monday! Only one thing could go wrong, the owner could say no to us as renters. Fingers crossed that it won’t happen!

Now I’m just chilling at my friends house. I’m going to go jump in the bath and relax. Read a book. Maybe watch a movie later. Anny recommendations?

How are you doing? Having a good day or a bad day?

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