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Hi all! A while back there was a post talking about how Groupthink used to be a more blogging-heavy site, and then it was a linking-heavy site, and then it waxed and waned into something else, and the post was generally about how Groupthink’s content shifts and changes. It got me thinking about how I’d like to start blogging on here, as I’m a fan of the long-scale posts, but I held off because I couldn’t think of anything to share. Until now. Because I’m in a good mood! I had a great day! And compared with the rest of the world, and all the extremely shitty news out there, maybe you guys would like to share my good day too, for a bit, as an escape. This is a temporary escape post, where you can have my day with me if you need to forget about your own day for a bit. Come have it over with me.

My day wasn’t particularly special for any reason; it was just happy, the way some days are happy. I got to hang out with a cute girl I’m more than a little crushing on all day long; we have classes together in the same set of rooms from 9 to 5 straight, so we essentially dump all our stuff in the mornings and then live there until our insides feel like husks. We share croissants and cookies and chocolate things and mutter about grilled cheeses we want to make. (I mentioned I’m a good grilled cheese maker, so now I have a reputation to live up to.) We procrastinated on our work—we are, for context, both college kids studying apparel design, and our work at the moment is making wearable art—by going to the campus museum, and I’m sure we irritated the curator like mad by giggling about the art instead of being quiet and restrained.

When we got back from the museum, we went to work again, and I got going (at last) on my projects—one involves printing fabric, which turned out really nice and will be a dress I give my mom, and the other involves manipulating fabric in a really cool, weird way that makes it look like curly hair. To make things, and have them become things in front of your eyes...it’s hard to explain to my friends who don’t create or play much.. Those sorts of friends think that creating is kind of this silly thing, entrenched in feely-feels. It isn’t. I mean, it is in the beginning, sometimes, when you sketch and think, but today it was MAKING THINGS. My mind made a thing, and then it got printed. My hands picked up a needle, and then these things happened, and now a cool thing got made, because I went and did it and poked and tugged and ripped at fabric all day. Creating things is so very tactile, and oftentimes so very in the moment, and sometimes the moment comes after you’ve done all the work and you stand still and hold fabric you made in your hands. Or do a silent happy dance when your teacher isn’t looking. But in the moment, it doesn’t have to be feely-feels. It can just be poking a needle through your finger, for no reason, and then a cool thing existing afterward.


Anyway, I made things today, and I hung out with my friends today, and I got to stand by a window that was open and look out at the thick, white, perfect-for-snowball-snow we have here but feel like it was summer, because the heater under the window goes full blast. I got to stand in short sleeves and revel in the snow, and hear the Canada geese fly by, and have summer and winter all at once, and just for once in this week I have been happy, even when everything is all wrong.

Happiness comes back. It comes, and it goes, and we have to fight for it. But sometimes—sometimes!—it just happens. Not because of the cute girls and croissants—though those are immeasurably great—but just because it’s there, in the snow and the room, and some chemical in my brain slipped and I’m just having a good, happy day, and I made a thing, and I just want to share that happiness with you. Sometimes, we can just be happy.

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