Hey folks.

What day is it? Just kidding. I have less than a month left before school starts and I’ve got new desks coming in (yay!), a new ELA curriculum (which we are told we MUST IMPLEMENT TO THE LETTER), leaking Windows, a large class size, and no extra teacher or para of any kind. So... It’s game time kiddos!!!!!!!!

TARGET— 50 cent crayola crayons 24 count NO LIMIT, 97 cent crayola markers or colored pencils NO LIMIT, notebooks 4 for 2.20 NO LIMIT, and lots of snacks on sale. I stocked up on seltzer and fruit snacks for me and kid friendly snacks for the kids.

OCEAN STATE JOB LOT— this is for my New England peeps. 30% off everything for teachers til Friday.


STAPLES— teacher appreciation day (they better appreciate me, given how much money I give them every year) august17th 10% off. Also heard some talk of 50 cent markers and glue.

Happy shopping !!!!!!! Also, this is me: