So my little cousin-we live like, I donno, 550 miles away-was in tears yesterday because her teacher always picks on her because she can't write an essay. I can, and I'm pretty good at them (though I may not come off as a genius writer!), so I spent an hour writing a primer for her. Her mom called me this morning and said, "Oh VV, she was in tears yesterday but when you talked her down and wrote that for her, she started smiling. You're a saint". I'm not a saint, for the record, but it made me feel good. I was glad I could help, and she's going to call in a while so I can walk her through it.

So, regarding some guidance: my other cousin (the sister of the other one) is 18, and is hooking up with a lot of guys. Like, a lot. And she's not happy. When I was her age-and maybe I'm out of touch, even though I was 18 like, 4 or 5 years ago-I never hooked up with anyone. I told her she needs to respect herself because respect is the name of the game, and she received it well. But I'm worried-I get like that. Also, guys are sexually harassing her at school. She's talked to the school and they did nothing. Even her parents got involved. But still, nothing. I told her the next time she can't handle it, to call my brother (he lives near them and is super intimidating for someone who is basically as softie) to come over and 'talk to' the boy. Not the best advice, but I thought it would be good. I don't think he would get violent, but I do think he would scare them off. But I feel like I can't do anything, except listen. But I want to help her solve the problem. I don't know how to handle this. Help!