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Good driving! (share your stories)

So since I’ve been doing a lot more driving lately I’ve been noticing that there an awful lot of assholes. People who tail me when I’m already going over the speed limit, people who follow extremely close to me when other cars are merging onto the highway and don’t let anyone in (way to go asshole, you just held up our whole lane because now I’m going to slow way down and let everyone pass me up and get in in front of me), people who don’t use their turn signal (less of them being an asshole and more of a pet peeve of mine).
But! Some people do not suck! Some people actually drive like polite individuals!

The road I take to get to the hospital where my sister’s IOP group is has two lanes, and goes down to one lane with the other lane turning into a turn only lane at the place I turn. Someone either wasn’t paying attention or has never taken that road before (or both) and ended up in the turn only lane when they apparently didn’t want to turn. The other lane was backed up at the red light, and they couldn’t get in. Instead of hanging out and waiting till the light turned green and pushing their way in (and holding up the turn only lane), they saw me come up behind them and got going and turned and just flipped a u-turn at the first available opportunity. Way to go, person! You’re not a jerk and didn’t make me wait for no reason!
Another person let me merge onto the highway easily without crowding me or making me push my way in, even though there was heavy traffic, which is a very rare occurrence. You’re a good person, whoever you are in that red car! (I gave them a little wave in thanks.)

What drivers have you noticed lately on your commute who aren’t huge jerks? Who make you think, maybe some people are actually polite and not absorbed in their own little world?
Also, you can share your awful driving stories, because those can be cathartic and fun too.

And this video is interesting but long (seven minutes). It shows a good way to keep traffic from being terrible, although I’m sure a lot of you already do this unconsciously:

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