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Good Eats: Trying New Things

Rambutan: ehhhh. It’s a fun fruit but the actual flesh wasn’t terribly interesting to eat. It reminded me of a lychee, but more tasteless? I liked it but not enough to spend a lot of money on it frequently, since they’re so expensive. Since it’s being shipped halfway around the world, maybe it tastes more interesting closer to the source of the fruit or prepared in a dish.

Asian pear: much more intriguing. Crispy like an apple, but with a pear flavor that definitely reminds me of something alcoholic. Licorice? Bourbon? Rice wine? Something. It feels weird to eat a crunchy pear, since typically that’s a no-no and will give you a stomach ache. I can imagine this paring well in certain dishes to add sweetness with a little bit more complex of a flavor.


What new thing have you tried lately?

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