Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

YOU GUYS. Guys. Seriously, guys! My heart is all a'flutter this afternoon. My fiance is the best.

I have been really sad in recent weeks about the state of some of my friendships. In particular, the woman who I considered my best friend in my city hasn't been much of a friend at all, and I'm sad about it. I've posted about her before (stood me up for wedding dress shopping). Anyway, I emoted all over my fiance about it last night.


Today, he sent me an email - he found a flight for me to go visit my college best friend on the East Coast for her 30th! He knows I can't really afford a ticket but would love to see her, so he's going to send me there. What a gent!

And to think, I found him on ye olde OK Cupid! I LOVE THE INTERNET.

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