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Welcome To The Bitchery

What is a good gender flipped duet. A duet would be a portion written for one gender and the other portion for the other gender.

I found this really good gender flipped song. The song is by Jim Steinman for Meatloaf and his longtime partner Patti Russo. The song is only a duet for the last quarter. Note I have heard solo versions of this sing and some sound great until the duet part and it goes off the rails. It sounds weird and nonsensical. A) You expect to hear another voice but you hear same voice and the b) limes become nonsensical “... and you will be screwing around. Oh no, no I won’t do that” so you won’t cheat on yourself? If you sing it solo stop with the line before the duet section, please.

The song is I Would Do Anything For Love this gender flipped version is by Xandria. Lead singer is Dianne Van Geilsbergen. She is a classically trained Symphonic singer. She also does Opera. Youtube her, fantastic voice. No clue who the male lead is.

Your pick of a good gender flipped duer?

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