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We went to a consignment shop today. A dealer, a nice guy, was bringing in a big bedroom bureau with attached mirror, he had to attach mirror. The bureau was nice but looked used, it looked like it was expensive. So the owner showed him where to put it. He said he just bought it for 85 dollars. It was of the French style.

So he took out Windex, lots of cloth and furniture polish. The bureau was kind of dead center of store. The entire area reeked. Now if you use furniture polish do it outside or garage and wear a mask so you do not inhale the fumes. My mother always does that, she sticks to small pieces like small tables you put next to chairs or mirrors.

My mother watched him and got pointers. I sat on a couch and played my 3ds game Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2.


Well I heard oohs and aahs from my mother and the owner. I did a quick save of the game and got up. The bureau looked new. It smelled of polish but looked really good. The wood looked spotless and new. The owner said “$490?”. He said “sure”. So he will get 2/3rds if sold.

So furniture polish smells bad real bad but if done correctly can make furniture look good and new.

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