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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Good good Groupthinkers please tell me what to do with my hair.

I will post a photo I just took so you can see my hair in its natural, day-to-day habitat, but in the replies.

I have the the most boring haircut in the history of haircuts. My boyfriend wants be to do the whole half of the head shaved short cut, which....no. I am in no way cool enough to pull that off, I will look stupid, and I'm too old.


That said, a part of me wants to do something (relatively) ballsy. I wore a short wig a for a part a few years back and I looked so much like my mother, it totally freaked me out.

I have thin hair, but a lot of it. I can part it in the middle or side. I'm open to color (just nothing streaky), I'd like it to look somewhat natural. I own both curling and straightening irons, which I sometimes use. I use absolutely no product at the moment. If allowed to dry on its own, my hair will have a bit of body and an ever so slight wave.


Seriously, what do I do. I am open to ALL suggestions. I have spent years looking at Marisa Tomei's short cut in Only You, as well as Selma Blair's short styles. I also like Cate Blanchett's shorter bob.

Cutting is NOT necessary, however. I also love my hair long. My face is very round, and my cheeks just about explode off my face when I smile. I basically have a big face. With a triangle nose. If that makes a different for style.


I have my moments, but I am overall pretty lazy when it comes to general upkeep in the makeup/hair/looking decent arena.

Alright, I think that's all you need to know. GO.

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