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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Good grades, oh my gosh.

Guys, I got a paper back in my English class today with a grade of 99 and nine tenths of a point. The final page had a note from my instructor that said "Always a pleasure to read your work, (Natface). Let me know if you need something more challenging for the next assignment."


It feels so good to be acknowledged and have my hard work pay off! I was very nervous about restarting college due to a really rough last semester at my previous university 4 years ago. I entered this school with a 2.2. But, I've really been busting my butt, and seeing what a difference 4 years in the workforce made in my motivation and drive in regards to my future.

Also, that government test I got a C on? We had an essay portion of the exam administered in class today, which I'm positive I nailed. The best part? It's extra credit since she gave us short notice that it was going to be a required part of the test. If I did as well as I think I did, it will bump my test grade up to a B. :)

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