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Good Grief? Is this normal?

(Trigger warning for discussion of death and grief)

So, I am a very inactive member of GT. I do skim GT at night before bed, but I rarely have the time or energy to comment as much as I'd like. I'm sorry for not being around more. Lately, I've been even more scarce due to being overworked and the hellacious summer we all seem to be having. Y'all are an awesome community that I would love to be more involved in but I have a hard enough time remembering names and posts.


That being said, I wonder if I could ask about processing loss.

In a span of one month, there have been 3 deaths in my life. One was someone who I didn't really get a chance to know but I was there all the same. The other two had HUGE impacts on my life: a HS teacher of mine and my grandmother.


I do have a point — or rather, I have a question: Have you ever experienced delayed grief? I had time off for the services and my work even covered for me as my grandmother was in hospice care so I could spend time with her before she passed. But since the services, it's been workworkwork. And I haven't felt the losses as much as I thought I would or maybe I haven't had the time to feel them.

I have been depressed before and it seems to be manifesting that way, but instead of sad or hopeless like I normally feel when depressed, I just feel numb. Like I can't feel anything. Is this normal?


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

(Btw, I do have an appt with my therapist next week, thank goodness.)

ETA: You all deserve this gif. And I chose this one because I am finally watching Doctor Who and, damn, do I love it!

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