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I should begin this by admitting that I took the bait. I had this weird moment where I thought, Hey, maybe this person is genuinely asking this Question. Maybe he's privileged, but not bad-natured.

So I did what seemed obvious to me: I invoked a white male comedian. I figured that — joke-related hyperbole aside — it would be a friendly and entertaining way to make a point. It would make the point more palatable, and therefore more effective.



I'm not even going to say "assholes," (except just now), because these people are worse. They're willfully ignorant. They give assholes a bad name. An asshole might be a jerk, but he can PROBABLY READ. He might say offensive things, but I would assume he knows they're offensive.

How is the concept of hyperbole in humor foreign? How does a referenced joke negate an actual point made farther down a thread? Why is there this abject refusal to admit that a woman might experience different things than a man?

If an archetypal Kotaku reader acknowledges his privilege, will his face explode? IS THIS SAW? AM I IN SAW IIIVVVIII????


* It's dismissed, btw.


Edited to Add:

I'm right on this one, but it's not my job to educate you further. This is not a women vs men zero-sum game, but one side is at a definitive, historical, systemic disadvantage. Open your mind to your own innate advantages because of the sheer luck of being born a man, be grateful, and consider an outside perspective if you can.


PS — OHMERGAWD the sheer power of the Dismiss button! CATHARSIS.

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