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Good/Happy News Open Thread

Hey GTers, how are things? I am cuddled up watching the snow fall with some hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and contemplating going out to make a snowman.

Anyway, I wanted to share some good news that we got last night - a double whammy of sorts. First, my husband's uncle, who has been in the ICU for 3 weeks on life support, is finally doing better and came off of the ventilator. My husband was able to speak to him for a few minutes last night on the phone, which is a huge relief and we are pretty confident that he's over the hump and will make it.

Second, my husband got a pretty significant raise yesterday. Which is really great for us and will help us cut down some of our debt significantly. It also provides us a little leeway for me to do a partial hospitalization treatment program I've been considering, since my lost income won't be as vital if I do decide to do it. I'm so proud of him and I'm really happy that he's being recognized for all of the hard work and long hours he puts in.


So, what are the good things going on in your lives right now?

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