I'm going to a Junot Diaz reading tonight and I don't usually get nervous about famous poeple but he is one of my favorite people ever.

I usually write my name and date and occasionally what state of mind/why I bought the book in the front of my books. I've never had someone sign it afterwards and I'm afraid that he'll find it rude? Probably not?

The new Jamie Hernandez edition of This is How You Lose Her is coming out next week so he can't sign my copy. I want to have him sign something that I can stick in it. I have these:

That my friend gave me when I first got into library school. I was thinking about having him sign that? Is that stupid? I can just have him sign a normal piece of paper as well.


I also really want to tell him that Kara Walker bought a copy of Oscar Wao because of my glowing review of it but I realize there isn't a lot of time and I don't want to come off like the super fan that I am.



I realize this is stupid. I'm just really excited.