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Good Idea or Bad Idea: Getting Personal Loan For Apartment

I’m in kind of a quandary right now with my living situation. I currently live with my mom. We’ve sort of steadily been driving each other insane over the last 4 years or so. I wanted to move out the second year I was here but she convinced me to save for a house instead of getting an apartment.

Well since then I’ve been expected to basically pay for everything since I’m not paying out a bunch in rent like my sisters. Both of them live in different states, in apartments, with their significant others. I’ve been asked to help with their various moving costs, help with my sister’s wedding, I gave my mom a bunch of money for a new car so that we could both have newer cars (she was driving a 1996 Tercel), I gave my younger sister a bunch of money when her ex boyfriend demanded that she give him the deposit on an apartment they shared because he moved out (don’t ask), I’ve paid for hotel rooms and flights and all sorts of other things. Anyway, it’s basically been impossible to save because every time I start saving, it gets drained because of some family member needing help.

Now I don’t mind helping my family at all. I was especially happy to help my little sister get that asshole ex off her back about the deposit. BUT the living situation with my mom has become untenable. Last week we got into a huge fight about me cleaning my room that devolved into her telling me I needed to “get over” my depression, opening my door a crack and screaming that she wasn’t speaking to me anymore and slamming the door so hard that a picture came off the wall. She looked like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. She had literally lost her mind. I actually feared for my safety. I actually left the day after to house sit which was the best possible thing to happen. I was so stressed from that experience that I couldn’t sleep for 2 days. Then I crashed and slept for I don’t even know how long. I can’t live there anymore with that kind of stress over my head. I’ve given up on saving for a house. I need to be on my own in an apartment away from her.


So basically I need to move out NOW but I don’t have much in savings. I was researching ways to get some monies and apparently you can get a personal loan from a bank for moving expenses and all that. Is this a bad idea? I work freelance but I make plenty of money a month to keep up rent and repay the loan. I just need a quick influx of cash to get the hell out of my house so I don’t murder my mother.

TL;dr: I’m in a shitty living situation with my parent. I need to move out. I don’t have enough in savings to do this. Is it a good idea or a bad idea to get a personal loan to cover the initial expenses? If it’s a bad idea, what on earth can I do to get out fast?

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