As soon as I saw that Kotaku has an article on a professional group of girl gamers called the Frag Dolls, I thought of what those comments must be like, and shuddered.

The group is pretty interesting, even though it really looks like their collective job is to be hot girl gamers, not just girl gamers. They get paid for what they do, but that doesn't make them not gamers, right? Pfsh. Ask an entitled male gamer that, though, and you're bound to get death threats.

I read parts of the article, but I didn't want to even glimpse at the comments - I really don't need that today. Luckily, brave MrKajo ventured into the comments section. Lo and behold...


Bravo, Kotaku. Bravo.

Edit: Thank you to zap rowsdower and ihateemo, apparently the Frag Dolls article is a post sponsored by Speed Stick, and they always disable comments on sponsored posts.