Good thing 1: Doctor is pretty sure the lump in my armpit is benign cyst of some sort. She still wants me get a ultrasound to make sure but thinks that we can wait until, hopefully, my health insurance is approved soon. Worst case scenario: the family of hospitals that I would go to have income based help that I could potentially get full or partial coverage with. She sent me home with some antibiotics and simple at home directions for now and to report back in a week. Also, Stop and Shop pharmacies have a prescriptions saving program for people paying out of pocket. I joined it for 10 dollars and for joining you get a 10 dollars off a purchase (and I was buying a few things) so it's basically free? My 11 dollar prescription was 4 bucks!

Good thing 2: My brother is 6 months sober! Going to meetings, doing the steps, in a sober living facility, and has a full time job. He told me that he loved me yesterday and that is the first time I've heard that from him in about 2 years. It's fucking amazing.

I'm feeling good!