As some of you may have heard, my car is broken beyond repair. Well, not totally beyond repair, but way beyond anything that is worth fixing (for me as a person, and not a dealership). So my best bet is to either trade it in or donate it. I also need a car pretty badly, since this is LA and it is near impossible to get around here without one, but I'm also a poor grad student and the last 8+ months of dealing with this crap monster has made me very nervous about anything that would need major repairs. Also I have no money for major repairs. So it looks like my best bet will be to lease a car. Then I can get something within my budget, that I don't have to deal with too much, and that I can trade in my crappy old car for.

Having decided all that, I went to two dealerships today to test drive some cars and try to get some info. And even though I was a total rockstar relative to what I thought I would be (I hate negotiations like none other), it was THE WORST.

First I hit up the Honda dealership, where I test drove a car for five minutes and then spent an hour telling some poor guy who looked like he'd been on the job a week that "no, it doesn't matter how much lower of prices you keep throwing out, I literally cannot sign anything today, my parents' names are also on this car that I'm trying to trade in and they are helping me pay for the next one, so I'm not signing it without their consent. And no, they're not going to agree to sign it while I'm sitting here." I seriously had to say that SEVEN times before he accepted that I wasn't going to be signing anything.

Then I went to the Nissan dealership, where after TWO AND A HALF HOURS, they told me that they'd give me $500 for my current Nissan, if I traded it in. Which by the way is how much I'd get if I donated it. What happened in those two and a half hours, you ask? Why, I'll tell you! I test drove one car (about 15 minutes) and then I fucking sat there. At least he only gave the "can we get you to sign today?" schpiel once, but still, I'm pretty sure the making me wait a billion hours thing was a sales tactic, which was ineffective, because a) I don't even want another Nissan after the nightmare I went through with this one and b) I WASN'T GOING TO FUCKING SIGN ANYTHING TODAY.

Sorry, this is basically nothing but a long rant, but dear lord. I did everything right. I did all my research. I came in with quotes from Costco and truecar. I had someone introduce me directly to the manager at the Nissan dealership. I wasn't persuaded by any stupid sales trick. If anything, the sales tricks had the opposite effect on me, because before the Honda was my second choice, and now even if I get it, it will be from a different fucking dealership because they sucked so hard. I'm just so tired. I started this whole dealership visiting thing four hours ago and I'm only now on the train home and I'm so tired and I don't want to do this ever again, except I have to, twice, on Friday. Blergh. Did I mention this is my first ever car-buying experience?