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He called her the Devil. He says “she has hate in her heart”. The Bill Clinton stuff flopped. No one took the Pussygate thing as far as it should have been taken.

I thought Trump might be able to keep it together since he started mellow but it quickly devolved into shouting. I mean, yelling about how they should have done a sneak attack? What the hell was that?

The looming behind Hillary when she was talking to the people on his side was creepy as fuck. Buzzfeed has a fantastic round up of tweets and posts about it.


And he stood behind his stool and leaned on it as I was joking he would. Didn’t think it would actually happen. I think someone told him that sitting would look weak. Instead he wandered around and loomed in the background like a serial killer.

Hillary did an excellent job of keeping her cool and looking Presidential. She actually answered questions about policy and talked to the people who asked the questions. She thank goodness didn’t really address the stuff about Bill so that died on the vine pretty quickly. I liked her answers about the Supreme Court and about energy. I also loved that she shaded the shit out of Trump by saying his children were the positive thing she could say about him.

Anyway, what did you all think? I think it’s pretty clear that Trump lost this one. His long, lingering answers that didn’t stay on subject and the erratic yelling about stuff unrelated to the questions is not a winning strategy.

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