Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I can't get this damn gif to load. Anyway kids, just take it easy today. Don't let the savages bring you down. Make sure you got the bottle of happy waiting for you when get home tonight. And here's a little tip from my day in the trenches: Every time some asshole tells you "there must be something in the back" look at them in complete surprise and say "why, you might be right! Let me go check right this moment." then hide back there for about ten minutes or so and return with a sad look and the wrong item, apologize and say " I just looked everywhere for x and couldn't find a thing. I am so sorry. But how about z instead?"

Remember kill 'em with kindness and curse in the stock room. Share your stories with me here if you please. I both miss and loathe the old days and will live through you.


Also, in solidarity, I won't be near a mall today. Thanks for all you do!

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