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Good Morning: Bobby Jindal is a Dickteeth

He is signing a bill lifting a Louisiana ban on concealed weapons in alcohol-serving establishments. Because, of course, everyone makes good decisions with weapons while drinking. Why the fuck can you have a loaded goddamn gun in a bar, but not even SIT in the drivers' seat of a car?*

Can he be any more obvious in his desire to just jump on whatever "hot issue" and please Republicans? He has gotten considerably more awful in the past few years (presumably, when talks of him running for President got serious).

Magical quote from a very smart, logical person supporting guns in bars:

"I don't think you should be punished just because you're walking into a restaurant that happens to serve alcohol. Something could happen there, or something can happen around the corner," [State Rep Joe] Lopinto said on the floor last month, according to the Times Picayune.


Here comes the victim complex! Gun owners are being PUNISHED. When I want to do something that is not allowed, I am being PUNISHED for just being me! That's what punishment means, right? What's funny about the above quote, is that taken out of context, it makes more sense if you're considering getting shot by a drunk lunatic in a bar a punishment. "I don't think you should be punished because you're walking into a restaurant that happens to serve alcohol." CORRECT! I don't want to be shot in a restaurant with booze, either.

There is so much gun violence in Louisiana. So, so much. I know they are thinking some White Hero is going to stop a robbery or something, but there are plenty of drunk white assholes with firearms killing people in drunken bar fights in this state. It's not an "urban youth"-specific situation.

While there is still a blood alcohol limit...come on. The (very obvious) criticism is that this is asking for people to be drunk while they have guns.


*True story: my friend got a DUI for sleeping in his car in front of his friend's house after a night of drinking.

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