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Good morning, GT!

Man, you guys. What an insane fucking 48 hours.

Thank you for all the support yesterday. I'm up to nearly a thousand comments on the piece, and I've given up tracking notifications. If I wait five minutes and refresh I'm still getting dozens because people keep starring my replies on it. So if I missed something awesome you said yesterday, thank you for the perfect comment you left.

Turns out the TEDx thing wasn't a bullshit Carrie/troll thing, the organizer just fails at Twitter DMing.


Professors at five universities that would never admit me as a student will be teaching from my work.

I am not sure how to handle any of this, but it's awesome. Given that somewhere in the neighborhood of more than one person is telling me to write for money, I think I will attempt that. But I could use advice Here is how much I know about blogging/writing/publishing:

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