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Good Morning GT!

How's everyone's morning going?

I woke up for work this morning and drank 3 K-Cups, slowly got ready for work, and then when I realized it was Saturday (I work an hour earlier on Sat) I had a tiny panic attack and high-tailed my ass to the office. Then I had to deal with one of my least favorite contractors.

The owner of my company is from Lithuania, so he advertises in his community and we get many Lithuanian and Russian customers. Most times, the Lithuanian's are SO rude to me. They will either simply not speak English to me, or they're nice as pie until they pick up my business card and realize I am Polish. It's beyond annoying.


Last night my human was talking and whimpering? For lack of a better word in his sleep, when I woke up him and asked what was wrong he said "I had a dream Theodore died, and it was awful! I couldn't bring him back to life." then he snuggled up with me. It's so cute how much he loves his kitty baby.


Welp, I'm bored and at work so tell me stories. Did anyone get drunk nasty last night? Any good new books to read?

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