Welcome To The Bitchery

Good morning, GT!

What’s on the docket for this fine Tuesday?

For me, today is going to be hell but it’ll be over quickly, so there’s that.

It just so happens that I have 1 final tonight and 2 tomorrow (just how the calendar fell). That’s all fine and good, except it means I have to get around 50 unit papers graded and 40 journals graded by tomorrow. Yikes! So, if you see me on GT after 8:00 am CST, yell at me! I’m supposed to be working!


Tonight, our class is having a potluck and I’m baking a cake for that right now, so I can GT while it bakes, she rationalized.


It’ll be hectic and tiring but, after handing back papers and journals tomorrow, I’ll be well on my way to finished with the term, thank goodness.

How about you? What’s the planley, Stanley?

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