Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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  • I’m going to Montreal next week. I’m so freaking excited. I’m going to officiate awesome derby and hang with my friends. Plus it’s Montreal! Awesome city.
  • I’m becoming more comfortable in my officiating, especially Head NSOing. Which is great, because I was a complete stress bucket with horrible anxiety attacks not so long ago. I definitely noticed an improvement in my performance and composure.
  • Watching Prison Break for the first time. It’s enjoyable, despite a lot of clichés that date it. And the continuity errors! My god, how did these episodes ever air with blatant continuity errors? I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show with so many.
  • I really need to up my protein intake. I’m feeling exhausted all the time and I know it’s because I’m not getting enough protein. It’s hard now that I’ve been without a blender for over a month - I can’t whip up a quick smoothie. Also, I don’t have any seitan in the house. I know I can make my own but I’m not a very good cook. On the other hand, I can’t rely on chickpeas and the occasional avocado for my protein.
  • Bonus photo of me doing official business with Mr. Whistler, our announcer.
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