Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Good morning, GT! (OT)

My new place is still total chaos. I keep going to do things and realizing I don’t have stuff I need. Last night, I found enough kitchen to cook dinner... but had to cut up the onion for the pasta with kitchen shears because I have no sharp knives. I found a corkscrew, but no knives! We have our toothbrushes, but don’t have toothpaste. Or bandaids. I have 2 small lamps but no lightbulbs. I have a crockpot but no toaster (I made toast by putting it right on the flattop stove burner!) No containers for putting away leftovers or bowls bigger than a cereal bowl. All the little weird stuff that you take for granted when you’re established in a place.

Of course, I have no car, either, and this house is farther from town than I really want to walk, but it looks like kids and I will be hiking up to the store in a little while. I’m grateful it’s not as horribly hot as it has been! After that, it's more sorting and unpacking and figuring out where to put stuff.


What’s your plans for today, GT? Doing chores? Something fun? 

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