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I just came back from my appointment with PP. It’s SO much better than going to a ‘consultation’, then waiting for a well-woman exam, and I couldn’t be happier. The staff was awesome, answered all my questions, and were very approachable with concerns. I just wish my town had a PP so I didn’t have to take transit to get to one since I don’t own a car.

The NP rocked; I had been told that screening based on the (mild) symptoms would be a ‘problem-based’ visit instead of wellness. While she was checking everything out, the NP noticed the discharge and asked me if I wanted her to take a sample to check under the microscope. I did, and she prepped a slide. Turned out it was mild BV (so no yeast after all. Thanks, body!), but based on what I was telling her it seemed my body was clearing it out well enough on its own. So no additional therapies needed. She had also noted my Thyroid felt a bit ‘fuller’ than normal when palpating my neck, and since my insurance covered it I went ahead and had them do a draw to check Thyroid levels. I had also mentioned the changes in my period, and she reassured me it wasn’t anything to worry about unless there were significantly adverse symptoms going along with it.

While I was there, I knew I wanted BC. I figured I would try Depo, since it’s every 3 months. The needle in the arm was uncomfortable (and my arm is still a bit sore), but not too terrible. So we’ll see how things go.


Oh, and on my way out I was asked if I wanted to contribute to PP. I could only spare a dollar, so it went to a good cause.

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