Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It seems like forever (really only 4 months) that I have had the specter of CANCER hanging over my head. After all the worry, the multiple doctors, the tests, the scans, the biopsy - NOT cancer. Yay! I mean REALLY YAY!!

My body is still nuts, but it’s just its regular level nuts, not a new level of nuttiness. As my hematologist put it, my immune system is “overactive” and “excitable”. Lots of things to monitor, but I get a few months of respite before we do more follow up to see if they can figure out why some results are still abnormal. The special-special neurologist recommends continued monitoring and continuing with my current medications; no surgery/procedures or new medications. My GP has set me up with a nurse/advocate to help manage all the differing doctors and diagnosed/probable health issues.


I’ve got a great team of doctors for whom I am truly grateful. The relief is real. I can deal with my immune system being “extra” since, well, the rest of me is, too. :)

Please feel free to share your big and little victories!

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