It's been an astoundingly long time since I've posted anything angry about the tumultous state of reproductive justice in Ohio... this used to be a near-weekly thing. I've been slacking. So here we go:

GOOD NEWS: The ACLU of Ohio is suing the state over those wiley-as-fuck abortion restrictions they snuck into their budget at the last minute (because that way they didn't actually have to worry about people voting for them. Silly democracy, it does so get in the way).

BAD NEWS: On the topic of ACLU lawsuits... when the ACLU (along with the NAACP and National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum) filed an abortion restriction-related suit in Arizona, it was dismissed by a federal judge on procedural grounds because the groups didn't have standing to challenge the law. Quoth RH Reality check:

According to the court, nothing in their claims showed that any individual had suffered an “actual injury” under the law. Because the basis of the lawsuit “rests exclusively on alleged stigma and denigration issues,” which the court categorized as “generalized and abstract injuries,” the groups did not have a basis for constitutional standing necessary to move the lawsuit forward.

To which I say: bullshit. This probably isn't the end of the AZ lawsuit, but still. Hopefully it hasn't set a precedent for what's to come in Ohio.

And finally...

BAD NEWS: According to the New York Times (and anyone who has been paying attention), Ohio has become a testing grounds for implementing questionably constitutional abortion restrictions. Yay, I'm so glad that virtually all of my family and childhood friends live there! And SO many of them are young women, the ones put in actual jeopardy by this sort of asshattery. My best friend works at that Cleveland abortion clinic repeatedly mentioned in this article. SO FUCK YOU TOO, GOVERNOR KASICH.


In conclusion: