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Mine first, because it’s my post (neener neener!):

Bad news: Neutrogena 12 Hour Long Wear foundation SUCKS. I put it on at 7 a.m., with powder and setting spray over top. As of five hours later, it looks like I’m wearing NO makeup at all, other than a greasy orangish glow on my ruddy, acne-scarred face. Thanks for covering absolutely nothing.


Speaking of coverage...

Good news! I bought a Groupon for $2000 worth of work on a dental implant. I had my consultation this morning, and got the all-clear to go ahead with it! I won’t need a bone graft, which is good, and the dentist said it looks like I’m otherwise in good dental health. This is especially encouraging, since the last time I was at a dentist for a cleaning, the tech tut-tutted while saying, “So much plaque!” She then made three scrapes and was done. Couldn’t have been THAT much plaque! ALSO, my dental insurance will cover part of the crown!! The last place said they wouldn’t cover anything at all, so this new place is really impressing me with their commitment to getting me taken care of.

So to recap, I paid $79 for $2000 worth of work on a $4800 package (pretty standard dental implant rate). Insurance will cover $600, so I’ll be paying around $2300 for a new tooth. Yay!!

Now share your Good News / Bad News!


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