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Good news/bad news? ETA More Good News!

Bad news - dog has had diarrhea all over the kitchen (both when waking up this morning - SURPRISE!- and when I got home from work - expected given this morning).

Good news - the cashier at the grocery store was just staring at me after I smiled at him, and then he stammered and was all “you have a gorgeous smile... you really do...” So, I guess I can say I stunned some 19yr old’s mind tonight.

Bad news - I am feeling sick with intestinal issues, too. Wondering if the issue is something like a bacteria on my sink faucet? I mean, there aren’t many viruses that will make my dog and me sick, but if we both are sick it suggest that maybe something caused it for both. Might scrub the crap out of my faucets and use a bleach solution spray on them.


How is your day going?

ETA: GOOD NEWS! Won $20 on a lottery scratcher!

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