Holy crap I have been on an emotional roller coaster. So here’s the timeline of events.

1.) Let go from a job I left full-time employment for because they didn’t have time to train me knowing my background (previously talked about here but too lazy to link.)

2.) Found new job! 1/2 mile from house

3.) Almost lost new job due to miscommunication (they didn’t think I wanted the position because I told them I needed a couple days to think it over.)

4.) Straightened everything out and am now working 1/2 mile from my house starting Monday

5.) Got into a terrible car accident and may have totaled my car yesterday. Hit on the passenger side making a turn, passenger side airbag deployed I spun several times and landed in bushes. Scary shit. I’m somehow okay, and so were the other people.


I am so fucking emmotionally exhausted from the last two weeks. I’m weepy, and super clingy with Geekboy. Who thriving in his new job will be away this week from Tuesday-Friday.

My close girlfriends live far, my closest friend who lives local works crazy doctor hours. My folks are 10 minutes away if I need help. So uh yeah this is the GT/BT warning (may share but most people read both).


No idea how financially fucked I am either if the car is totaled I have a couple years left on the loan. But ugh yay walking to work for awhile. It’ll help me get healthy!