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Good News GT Authors! We're all qualified to work for Blake Lively! But I'm calling 'dibs'

We're looking for an editorial director with experience managing a group of writers for online media.

Does exchanging witty banter with fellow commenters and dismissing porn gifs count? It does? Check!

Experience with lifestyle editorial is a must, and the ability to craft, curate and edit stories that represent a cohesive theme is critical.


Oh yeah. GT is practically my journal. But, you know, only the fun, cool, functional stuff I want you anonymous strangers to know about me. I'm like Beyonce's Twitter feed. But, you know, with like 100 million less followers.

We're especially interested in talent that has the ability to think visually and photographically as well, not just in words.

*smug chuckle* Do you even GIF, Preserve?

At Preserve, our stories are almost always tongue-in-cheek

I got this.

We curate products through recipes, poems, essays, commentaries, and any other form the written word can take — and we need someone who can keep that "let's-not-take-ourselves-too-seriously" essence going through all our content — curated, and original.


My first order of business will be to BAN the word "curate" from the site.


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