So in previous news I got completely screwed by the place I left a job for and got let go after 2 months.

So far I have accumulated a job offer for more money, and a higher level only a 1/2 mile from my house. However it’s a small place where I would level out pretty quickly.

Tomorrow I have an interview at a big corporate place for more money, further from my house (but not ridiculous, against traffic and I have a good car). I’ve never worked at a big corporate name-brand place before. I’d have to suit up every day, like a fancy lady. I don’t know if I’d fit in/like it.


After making my last move and getting let go I’m now paralyzed with fear I’ll make the wrong choice if I have to pick. Am I crazy that I kind of want tomorrow’s place to pass on me and then I can just take the first offer enjoy the rest of the week at home and my severance.

Guys adulting is hard.