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Welcome To The Bitchery

Trump is promising to keep Obama’s LGBT workplace protections in tact. This is great. This means we don’t have this additional battle to focus on right now. Just...stay vigilant:

As I mentioned yesterday (especially item #4), do not kid yourself that any of his motives are anything but selfish. He has proven to us he is self-serving. Does he feel that he will lose his few supporters if he tramples LGBT protections? Maybe. Is he trying to get the blacklash to calm so he can keep moving? Maybe. Is he trying to curry favor with his opponents so they can trust him, much like you would in an abusive relationship? Maybe.


Will he try to quietly do this again later? Maybe.

I think this is an indicator he is probably not listening too hard to Pence, though, unless they have a long term plan.


Don’t fall prey to some instincts you might be having:

  1. That maybe you have been overreacting. Nope - that’s his supporters and your racist uncle and everyone’s gaslighting taking effect. Resist it.
  2. That Trump has done something “good.” He hasn’t, and he’s going to want credit for a good thing Obama did. What he did was maintain the status quo. Do not let him convince you his bar is low enough that this counts as positive action.
  3. That this is pleasantly surprising. It might be, sure, but he’s keeping his campaign promises. That’s the pattern holding true here. Think of all of those promises and then tell me you’re feeling comfort.
  4. That we should reward Trump to encourage more good behavior. No; he will not accept anything short of undying loyalty and unquestioned support as his reward. If he expects a reward, it’s for us all to shut up and comply.
  5. That he has basic level decency and maybe we can reason with him on other things. He doesn’t. It’s self-serving, no matter what. He is doing so many humanly indecent things, that one “good” thing (see #2 above) cannot erase them. We take what we can get and move forward, continuing to give him no benefit of the doubt.

I am already seeing Trump supporters on Facebook trying to use this move as a bludgeon to prove that we are all crazy for our resistance. We aren’t. His offenses are still there and they’re real. Don’t let your moderate or progressive friends fall pray to clinging to this one bright spot in the onslaught of shit we are experiencing.

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