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Welcome To The Bitchery

Two weeks ago I went to my primary care doctor and he said its time for a test. A test Ihave dreaded for years. I thought he would use the word colonoscopy but he did not. He said there has been a shift away from that to the cologuard. He said this test is used on people with low risk based. That a colonoscopy would though be needed if the test came back questionable or worse positive.

The package arrived a few days later. You are suppose to put a bowl the give you and drop it into a ring that stretches under the toilet seat. The problen was top of bowl was higher then the seat. Yes it scratched. So I put the bowl into the toilet and hoped my aim was good.


I sealed the bowl when finished and sent it to a lab. The nurse from doctors office said results were negative. I was convinced she was going to say “inconclusive you need to do a colonoscopy”.

This test tests for colon cancer and polyps.

So if you are at kow risk and heading towards the time for a colonoscopy they may just test your poop. No prep work just poop and mail. its via Fedex and you ship it with the same box and just call Fed Ex to pick up box from your front door.

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