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Good News Outta Little Old Louisiana

Small town Abita Springs (yes, home of the beer) is the first town/city in our state to commit to pursuing 100% clean energy by 2030 (wish it was sooner but hey!). Furthermore, while the mayor pushed it, the town council in the most solidly Republican parish in LA still voted it in. Win win win!

Fun fact, Mayor Lemons is a Republican who is pretty hardcore about the environment. I hope that it spreads around my state and the Gulf Coast - we are on the front lines for climate change here (among other places, of course).

While he’s been called a “treehugger”, Lemons feels it’s the right thing to do as a Republican to fight government overreach and to protect his constituents’ right to clean water. “We’re not getting a penny from most of those wells,” he said. “So we have an economic problem and a jurisdictional problem.”


Louisiana is home to a lot of natural resources that the federal government uses without us seeing much monetary benefit. DammitBobby Jindal sold a bunch of our assets off to balance the budget like, one time (rather than investing in them for repeat money and growth). Republicans in this state (rightly) feel that this is very unfair, but they never want to help the situation...I think that people here have a weird relationship with nature; anecdotally, Republicans seem to believe in climate change and dislike it but also are very pro-oil (I get it, jobs) and vote Republican. We are currently affected by climate change - our crops are all over the place, seafood, our wetlands are eroding at an alarming rate (literally displacing people who’ve lived on the coast for generations). Yet, they vote Republican.

If they’re going to vote Republican, I hope there can be some sensible ones around.

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