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Good morning, my lovelies! This is a good news post—share all your happy news, happy thoughts, or anything you are pleased as punch about.

My good news: I got an internship! I think deep down I didn’t believe it would ever really happen, but it did! It is with a local nonprofit with a mission I believe in, so I am suuuuuper psyched right now. It doesn’t pay, but my parents are more generous than I deserve and they are helping me out this semester. I feel like “real life” has been on hold for me this past year, when I was working full time at a non professional job and not in school, and now I am in school, about to finish a degree, and I have an internship! Also, the family I work for has been so great and supportive—they are awesome people and I am ridiculously fortunate in my employer.

Well, friends? What is making you smile today? (If it’s something cute, pics or it didn’t happen)

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