Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Good news on the 3ds game Pokemon Shuffle I finalllllly caught Ho Oh the legendary flying pokemon. His starts are very good power of 80 level one and extra damage when combining five of them. It also means I captured my 259th Pokemon in the game. It took me over a week and around 60 tries. Beating it is not hard capturing it is not easy. Catching is all luck. Its an excellent free game, very addicting sadly a new heart to play comes out every 30 minutes up to five stored at once. I try to at least get the 500 coins each day.


Sucky news my tablet a Nook has been charging about 4 percent an hour. I tried two different ac chargers so ts either the cord or the battery or electricity in house. My Googletv is not compatible with groupthink. Oddly the slowdown seems to correspond to turning the heat on in the house. Could be a coincidence. So if I am gone its that or wifi. Wifi is not always consistant.

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