Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So this has been a shitalicious week 'round here, but some of you may remember due to my excellent adulting skills I was expecting to actually bounce a check. Not just any check, but a check to a person we know well. UncleLabeled serves with him on a community-board-type-well. Also, a young girl we know has run away to be with her internet "interest."


So.. The girl in question is still not in contact with her family, but they know the guy's name & address, and I'm assuming that's a start. (Oh girl, you've skipped out during finals week, what were you thinking?)

And my bank-offered OD protection (where the bank is like "hell, cover it and charge 'em, they have direct deposit coming up) has (for reasons I do not understand) cleared that check! I was preparing myself to make an utterly humiliating phone call warning biz-owner-in-question about the impending failure, but YAY, I get to pretend to be a valuable member of my community for one more day.

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