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Good Old-Fashioned Family Racism!

Some of you may remember my OT post from a few months ago in which I noted some of the racist comments my mother and grandparents made during a weekend at their house. Well, folks, apparently my parents are also planning to don the white hood of ol' timey racism.

My little sister and her wife had dinner with my folks this evening, and while driving away from the folks' house, called me. Neither one could hardly form entire words as they were gasping for air. This is not an unusual occurrence for my sister and me; we have rather frequent conversations in which at least one of us is hyperventilating from laughter, usually inflicting gasping laughs upon the other.


This time they were calling to update me on our parents racist revelations from the evening:

"I truly believe that Native Americans stopped evolving, and that's why they're always drunk and can't get jobs." — Mom

"Filipinos, orangutans... Same difference." — Dad

Seriously, what the actual fuck?!

P.S. the image is apropos of nothing, I just thought it was funny.

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