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Good Omen!

As Mr.Bottom and I were getting into the car to go to school and work, we spotted this tiny black kitty. This kitty had clambered onto our porch, then growled, hissed and batted at our cats inside. She was super cute so we forgave her. Well, obviously, me being a crazy cat lady and all, I close the car door before getting in, stoop down and say "heeyyy pretty kitty...whtachya doin'?" (yea, I turn into a street harasser with cats, I know, I KNOW!)

But the kitty LIKED it! She chirped and started walking to me! Mr.Bottom let out an "Awww!" and the black kitty let me pet her as she twisted around my legs. Then Mr.Bottom let out a huge gasp and said "Is?! Is that a - it's a baayyyyyyyybyyyyy!" and yes, yes it was a tiny little 8-12 week old kitten! Sitting just 5 feet away in the bushes, all timid but keeping both eyes on it's mama (who we thought was a dude because of the aggressiveness).


We both squeed like the crazy cat people that we are, and I made Mr.Bottom run back inside so that he could grab a couple cups of our cat food for them. When he was gone, another kitten came out! I tried to touch them a few times, but the momma got all nervous and would run up with big eyes. She never growled or hissed, but I could tell she didn't want me too close, so I just gave her all the lovings and told her what a good mom she was. Mr.Bottom came out, saw the second kitten and squeed and we poured the food out for the them and they devoured it. We made our escape as they were chowing down (they were close to the car and obviously the momma was in love with me, we didn't want to accidentally hit them).

But obviously, I saw three super sweet kittens (I don't think the mom was over a year old) so today is obviously THE BEST! I need to call some shelters and see who will take them, because they all deserve a nice home.

I hope you all have a wonderful, kitten filled day!

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