So as the world and his dog probably knows by now, I'm doing french on duolingo and luhhhhving it. Today I started to muse whether - at the same time - I could start learning another language. One that is utterly new to me. It might be something useful to do now I have lots of spare time? Or should I just focus purely on the french and getting that up to scratch first?

I had a few flashbacks to when I was 6 at school learning German and French at the same time (with the same teacher which didn't help...) and kept writing "und" instead of "et" in my french homework....

Also it kind of sucks that they only offer Latin American Spanish. When the fuck am I ever going to use that?? Especially since Spain is like...pretty much just over 900km from where I am sitting.

My preference would be to learn something completely different like japanese, but they don't offer that.