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Good rat. Best friend.

Please forgive the utter lack of photography skills and that I haven't bothered to crop or anything.

(Just water in there, worry not.)


(Fez rat or cloche rat?)

(Nom! Her "sister" does not do as many cute things, and thus does not get in as many photos.)


(I thought I was safe eating apple rings. Nope! I obviously couldn't let her eat any because of the choking risk of gummy sticky things, so I grabbed it. And then I couldn't actually pull it out of her mouth because I was terrified of breaking her teeth. So I just held onto it for like twenty seconds and pulled it away when she let go to rearrange her grip. Just enough time for one blurry photo with the other hand.)


(Halloween costume.)

The friendliest and sweetest rat I've ever had, who tried to say hello to all the trick-or-treaters and would sleep on my shoulder. Also the craziest and bravest, who inexplicably leapt off of furniture. Also completely dumb as a post with a tendency to walk whichever direction you put her down, but she gave no shits about that and just barrelled forward with whatever she didn't understand (like walking around obstacles instead of trying to eat things through them). Best rat. Good friend.




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