Homey’s looking into therapy. I think this could be really good for him/us. But I don’t know what (if anything) I’m supposed to do to help. Any advice?

A little background: He’s been feeling down lately, has had trouble sleeping, and one of his friends asked him this week if he’s been depressed.

He tends to go through these down cycles a few times a year. He also (according to my expert opinion*) has low self-esteem, generally. He tried therapy a few years ago and by “tried” I mean, he showed up at his appointments, came home and complained about how stupid it was while not actually doing any of the things she recommended.

I want to be supportive. I also want him to try. I’ve never been in therapy. How can I help him, do you think? What do you wish your partner knew when you were struggling?


*My expert opinion is based on the fact that I have excellent self-esteem (maybe too excellent!) and I don’t like the way he beats himself up verbally.